Our Hotel is up and running since the beginning of June and we are ready to welcome all of our esteemed guests within the safest environment possible. For the safety of our guests and staff, we have been constantly updating our procedures, in order for us to be in accordance with all health and safety regulations and expert protocols from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Greek Ministry of Health (MoH), and the Ministry of Tourism (MoT).  Below you’ll see how we’re keeping our residences clean and safe, and please let us know if you have any questions about anything. We look forward to welcoming you and we wish you a great summer stay!

General (Training, Certificates, Cleaning protocols)

  • Our highest priority is to keep everyone safe. Our property is strictly following the guidelines from the World Health Organization and local governments.
  • Our employees have been given clear instructions on how to respond promptly and report any suspicious case on property.
  • All of our staff members have access to handwashing and hand sanitizing as well as protective equipment wherever applicable.
  • All staff members are monitored carefully and proactively through temperature checks for symptoms related to COVID-19 daily.
  • All staff members and managers have received training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols.
  • Our hotel is in collaboration with a certified, assigned doctor who acts according to the instructions of World Health Organization for the control of COVID-19.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers, are placed at our hotel entrance and key spots around the hotel.


  • All rooms are being sanitized after each use with steam cleaners. In addition, we use cleaning products that are in full compliance with the international standards and the latest antibacterial and antiviral solutions.
  • Our hotel uses cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives, with particular attention paid to high-touch items.
  • Washing fabrics, bedding and towels at 90oC.
  • For safety reasons, we remove all decorative objects (pillows, bed linen) from our guest rooms and shared objects for multiple use, such as menus, magazines, etc.\
  • Our cleaning staff will access the residences every 4 days for sanitization, cleaning and change of linen, aiming to restrict as much as possible the entrance to the residences.
  • All rooms will have their own cleaning kit, so that guests can have access to cleaning products in case they need it.


  • The BBQ area is available for our guests’ use only after notifying our property manager.
  • The BBQ table should be disinfected before and after each use. Disinfectant products will be available for our guests if they wish to use them during their BBQ.


Check in/ Check out

 Your safe travel starts with a high cleaning protocol in our Reception. In particular:

  • We have modified the duration of check-in and check-out times by 15 pm and 11 am respectively so that rooms can be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and aired out through natural ventilation.
  • Gentle reminders to maintain a 1 to 1.5m safe distance between one another when in the hotel.
  • Check-in will take place in outdoor spaces. The property manager shall not enter the residences during check-in, she will instead wait outside for any questions or clarifications that the guest might have.
  • All keys are disinfected after every check-out
  • Contactless payment options are available and encouraged.

We trust these actions will help put your mind at ease and we promise to keep you updated.

 Thank you for trusting us.